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Heat Treatment

An example of strong infrastructure of RACL is its hi-tech plant that is well integrated with Heat Treatment set up consisting of up to date PLC controlled sealed quench furnaces that have been purchased from some of the leading manufacturers like Ipsen Germany.

Apart from this, the division for heat treatment also has tempering furnaces, preheating furnaces, Endo gas generators, LPG installation and pre and post heat treatment washing machines. The procedures like data acquisition & on line monitoring of process parameter within the furnaces are performed by using advanced SCADA systems technique. Besides this, for induction hardening of gears & shafts RACL uses PLC controlled, IGBT based medium frequency & high frequency Induction Hardening & tempering machines. The international quality parameters are maintained easily as the contemporary metallurgical lab of the company is incorporated with entirely computerized Micro Hardness Tester & Image Analyzer.

Heat Treatment Setup - Gajraula
Nitro Carburizing & Nitriding Processes
Heat Treatment Setup - Gajraula Nitro Carburizing & Nitriding Processes
Endo Gas Genrtor
Endo Gas Genrtor LAMDA Probe

The significant features of the above mentioned units are as follows:

  • Fully mechanized
  • Atmosphere control by Oxygen probe system
  • Positive atmosphere recirculation
  • Equipped with recuperators to achieve high fuel efficiency
  • In built hot / cold oil quenching facility
  • Radiant tube heating with the help of LPG
  • Accepts trays to process approximately 500-800 kg of parts per charge
LPG Istallation
Tempering Furnaces
LPG Istallation Tempering Furnaces